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  • Play, the work of a child


    Play, the work of a child is the name of my bachelor thesis. It was made for the company BlauwPrint who want to develop educative games in the future. My assignment was to research the wishes and desires of teachers regarding educative games. Do they use educative games now? Do they see any potential in educative games? In what situation would they like to apply educative games?

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  • Video Nedap


    For this assignment we were invited by Nedap for a challenge. Which team can make the best Viral Video about their retail security tags. We made a fake news report about a mother who supposedly pierced her three year old with a security tag so she wouldn’t lose him whilst shopping. It was a very […]

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  • I will be famous


    In this project we had to make an interactive version of the board game “Game of the Goose”. In this game you play as an aspiring rockstar who wants to become famous. In order to do so you’ll need to roll the dice and avoid setbacks such as a broken tourbus or drug addition.

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  • Animatie Twentse Lente


    Twentse Lente is an event hosted in Almelo in which the entire city is filled with stages with music, dance, poetry and cabaret. During my internship at slagbijalmelo I was asked to make a promotional animation in to introduce the event. Which was played in all cinema’s in Almelo during the week prior to the event.

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  • Which Cheese are You?


    In this project we had to make an interactive object in order to lure people inside a shop. We were assigned a cheese shop. We decided on an over-the-top dutch theme including wooden shoes, cheese and a windmill and a cheesy soundtrack. Using our windmill you could see what kind of cheese you would be if you were a cheese.

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  • Animatie Miles of Mystery


    Miles of Mystery is a charity event hosted by Bcause in which you sign up for a tour somewhere in Europe. However you don’t know where you will go until the day it starts, hence the name Miles of Mystery. During my internship at slagbijalmelo I was tasked with making an animation for the invitation to the event.

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  • Saboteur


    In this project we out task was to improve the safety on the construction sites by using interactive media. After doing some research and surveys we found out that many construction workers are also gamers. So we decided to make a video game they can play during their coffee break.

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  • 100 days 100 games


    In this In Depth fase I try to improve my game design skills as well as my knowledge about game mechanics. Whilst reading “Game Mechanics, Advanced Game Design” by Ernest Adams and Joris Dormans I try to create a game concept each day by combining several game mechanics.

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  • Banners


    During my internship at slagbijalmelo I was asked to make banners for companies such as Oad and University of Twente. Some of them were surprisingly difficult as it can be hard to put a big word on a banner that’s only 120 pixels wide.

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  • Slide on Ice


    In this assignment we I had to recreate a game or a part of a game in Adobe Flash. Inspired by “Ice Path” in Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal I decided to make a puzzle game in which you have to slide in a certain way in order to clear the puzzle.